Becoming an EcoCulturalist

It's a more-than-human world!


For my first post, I offer this blessing to welcome you and future readers of The EcoCulturalist. I am honored and delighted that you are here.

This is a Circle of strength. This is a Circle of power. We gather together in love and light to support each other as we do our important work to heal ourselves, all in the web of life, and for the Earth. We join our hearts together in love. And only that which is of the light is welcomed into our Circle.

Let's re-enchant humanity to its authentic power source--the Natural World. On this journey, we can make a world of difference. Let's dissolve the Separation Illusion. Let's create wholeness in our world.


By beginning to talk about our experiences, we generate energy, enthusiasm, and action.

To begin, I plan to share the experience of weekly Eco-dates. An Eco-date is similar to an Artist Date, popularized by Julia Cameron in her groundbreaking book, The Artist's Way.

I'll offer more about Eco-dates as we go along.

Today's post is about welcoming you to this space. Our closing blessing is this: our work is done for now.


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